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Wednesday, 2 September 2009

It Maus be love

Musick wouldn't be Musick if we weren't permanently three months behind the musical curve. Luckily, we like to think the way we package our stuff makes us unique, in the same way that finding a mouldy sandwich that's three months out of date is 'unique' in terms of your diet.

Basically, we read some stuff about Deadmau5 and thought he sounded like quite an interesting chap. For one, he has a crippling disfigurement that means his face has morphed into what looks like a giant mouse, complete with comedy ears and a permanently happy smile.

We felt sorry for him, we're not gonna lie. Then we heard his new single 'Ghosts 'N Stuff' and felt the force of those monumental synths and thought "wow, this mouse knows his way round a dance floor banger". To be honest, it's not a million musical miles away from Justice, but then that's not a bad thing really.

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