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Thursday, 28 May 2009

What's on our generic MP3 player...

Let's have a little look at what's been playing in the Musick office* this week shall we?
* By office I mean small studio flat, but it sounds less prosaic.

Sonic Youth 'What We Know'

Sonic Youth's millionth album, The Eternal, isn't out until Monday but Musick got an EXCLUSIVE promo copy just yesterday! I know, pretty amazing right? We'd like to say the band handed it to us personally whilst waiting for us outside work, but in actual fact we found it on the floor. 'What We Know' is Sonic Youth at their best, nailing a melody to some delightfully aggressive noise.

VV Brown 'Shark In The Water'

We've mentioned this before of course but it's such a brilliantly addictive song that we felt it right to mention it again. It's the kind of song that you want to listen to on a sunny day. Perhaps you're in a park with your mates playing rounders, maybe a boy you like is there and you notice him looking at you and you coyly twirl some hair on your finger and hope upon hope that someday he'll love you...I mean, ahem, it's a summer anthem.

Friendly Fires 'Jump In The Pool'

This single was originally released way back in August 2008 but has been picked up again following the band's amazing performance at the NME awards in February. The self-titled album is very good and also extremely cheap so why not do us all a favour and go out and buy it (or order online if you're scared of face-to-face interaction).

Antony & The Johnsons 'One Dove'

Through some strange twist of fate, Musick ended up seeing Antony & The Johnsons live twice in a week. Luckily, we find them to be rather exceptional and not a load of pretentious wailing as some do. 'One Dove' was a highlight on both nights and is represented here by a version taken from a Dutch TV show...we can only assume it was Easter, either that or Antony can only perform if swamped by chocolate bunnies.

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