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Thursday, 7 May 2009

Major operation

Hi there, you a fan of 'Paper Planes' by M.I.A? Really, oh cool. How about *Santigold's 'Creator'? Well then, why not wrap your listening equipment round this tasty club banger. It's called 'Hold The Line' and is by a duo called Major Lazer who you may know as producers du jour, Diplo and Switch (they had a hand in both the above songs in case that wasn't clear).

Their debut album is due out in June and entitled Guns Don't Kill People...Lazers Do, which, as titles go, is a bit too similar to that Goldie Lookin' Chain song from about 5 years ago, but I doubt very much that the two are connected. There's a whole hilarious ('hilarious') backstory that goes with it, something to do with Major Lazer being a soldier in a zombie war. It turns out, tragically, that his arms were blown off and replaced with giant lasers...

This song features Santigold and Mr Lexx, as well as a telephone ring, horses neighing and some beats that are off the chart. I believe it was Gwen Stefani who said, "this shit is bananas".

* We didn't get to write about this before, but Santogold, as she was, had to become Santigold due to some kind of legal battle with an unknown band who already owned the rights to the name. We didn't just spell her name wrong like complete morons.

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