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Thursday, 7 May 2009

Shark! Who goes there?

We're not ones to ditch an act when their second single bombs in the UK charts and radio treat them like a swine flu victim, i.e. they keep their distance and ask that all tissues are disposed off in the correct manner (it's not a great analogy, granted, but it is topical and that's what we're all about here - The Apprentice, Twitter, Tinchy Stryder, The Wire, Gurkhas, Politician's expenses, Champions League football, etc).

So, VV Brown is back back back with her third single 'Shark In The Water' and it's a real pop belter. She's ditched the whole 'doo-wop indie' shtick and comes across a lot less self-conscious than before. Plus, the chorus is unexpectedly HUGE and should finally see her getting some recognition and making a bit of money, which, let's face it, is what we all want right? Right.

You may have noticed that isn't the official video, but that's all to do with this silly argument youtube and the record companies are having. Pray it all gets resolved soon, I know we are.

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