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Saturday, 23 May 2009

Robyn & The Robot

Right, there's no guarantee this will be the last mention of this song on this blog, but for now we promise to not mention it again this week. If you don't already know, Royksopp's 'The Girl & The Robot' features the not inconsiderable talents of Robyn whose vocal sounds mournful, mental and fit to burst. It all adds up to one of those rare pop moments when sadness can equal pure joy and we know for a fact - we read it on Twitter - that a well-known music journalist is writing a 1,500 word feature on the song that will no doubt feature in a broadsheet arts section sometime soon.

Before that happens, please enjoy this rather fantastic video and marvel not only at Robyn's new hair but also the magnificent bush pruning! WARNING: This video contains strong suggestions of human-robot sexual intercourse.

'The Girl & The Robot' is taken from Royksopp's recent album Junior, which features some other good songs but nothing as good as this, so just download this for 79p and listen to it twelve times in a row.

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