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Monday, 1 June 2009

Pearl necklace

This is the brand new video from Natasha Khan, aka Bat For Lashes, and it seamlessly continues the trend for all things animal related. Yeah Yeah Yeahs featured a cat (of sorts), Patrick Wolf has an animal for a surname and now there's an actual wolf in this video for the brilliant 'Pearl's Dream'.

For those not au fait with Khan's alter-ego shtick, it's best to think of Pearl as Natasha's Sasha Fierce, which only makes sense if you know your Beyoncé trivia, which I like to think you do. So Pearl wears a blonde wig, sits at the back of theatres in a black polo-neck and is a little bit of a rebel whilst Natasha borrows Brandon Flowers' epaulets, wears an all-in-one and flies around a make-shift stage. The wolf? He just growls and bares his fangs on cue. But does he save the day at the end?

We can't help but think that Bat For Lashes' 'kookiness' is all a bit of an act, so having her on a stage acting out some rather kooky ideas for an audience of one is perhaps not the best way to go. But the song's a corker and surely, dear reader, that's the point is it not?

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