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Thursday, 28 May 2009

Heads you lose

There have been some pretty special music videos of late and this makes Musick very happy indeed. Back when MTV used to actually play music we would sit and watch endless hours of music videos - LOTS of Enigma and that Beloved video with all the naked people - and marvel at their brilliance or general awfulness. This is still a fun game to play, but youtube makes it that much easier.

This is the Richard Ayoade-directed video for 'Heads Will Roll', the second single from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs brilliant It's Blitz! album. The video features a fairly muted performance from the usually magnetic Karen O, her role as main focus taken over by a Michael Jackson impersonating cat person...

Brilliant ending too. That cat got some moves and no mistake.

TENUOUS LINK AHOY! Here's the video for Patrick Wolf's new single, 'Hard Times'. For those that missed the blatant link, one video features a cat and the other is by a singer whose surname is also that of an animal. A cat and a wolf. Do you see?

Here it is.

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