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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Back in black

It's nice to have Amy Winehouse back where she belongs isn't it?

Long flowing black hair, crude tattoos, that gaunt expression hidden behind giant glasses. Yep, she's back from her sabbatical in St Lucia and now she's got a friend...oh, hang on a minute, that's not Amy Winehouse it's The Veronicas, Australia's answer to the Olsen twins.

These girls are twin sisters and not as some of the photos on the internet would suggest, lesbians. But we've no doubt they would be if the price was right or the magazine deal suitably 'arty' (i.e. 'financially beneficial'). They're about to release their debut UK single, 'Untouched' (calm yourselves), and if you ignore the awful first verse it is actually a perfectly serviceable sugar-coated punk-pop ditty. Put that on the poster.

While we're at it, here's a song with the name Veronica in it (seamless transition, right? Wrong). It's called 'Veronica's Veil' and is by Fan Death. Produced by dance pioneer type man Erol Alkan, it's got some lovely strings, a nice disco-esque middle section and is only hampered slightly by the singer needing some Vicks vapour rub.

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