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Monday, 18 May 2009

New Musick Monday

For those new to the intricacies of this feature - and we like to think there are plenty of new readers out there - let us explain a little. Basically, each week we look at the release schedules and pick out either our favourite new releases or at the very least the ones we think make us look the best in the eyes of our contemporaries. We then implore you to purchase them legally so that the music industry can continue and we can carry on writing this blog. No music industry = no Musick and who can honestly say that would be a good thing?


Further Complications by Jarvis Cocker

We're not sure if it's even relevant whether this album is any good such is Jarvis' standing in our collective musical hearts. His last album sold about thirteen copies and was a bit patchy but we still love him because he's Jarvis and he's got cool glasses and dresses like the Geography teacher of our dreams. Further Complications is pretty good if you're interested.


Manners by Passion Pit

Passion Pit were on all those lists at the beginning of the year. No, not the sex offender ones, the 'Big in 2009' ones. This is their first proper album following 2008's Chunk of Change EP and though it perhaps isn't the sparkling debut classic many predicted it is rather good. It also has the common sense to feature 'Sleepyhead', which was the best thing about Chunk of Change and is the best thing here too. That isn't a glowing endorsement is it? Oh well.


'Bonkers' by Dizzee Rascal and Armand Van Helden

OK, we'd like you to put all your fingers together on one hand and turn it so your thumb is facing your face. Then place your other hand horizontally across the top to form the letter 'T'. Then let out a rather crude 'TUNE' at the top of your lungs. Well done. This is Dizzee's second dance floor focused single in a row and this time he's ditched Calvin Harris (although the two have worked together again for Dizzee's new album) for Armand Van Helden, a man so lazy he waits five years between big singles. This is the shark-infested video.

* but do buy it in the end. Without music there is no Musick, etc, etc.

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  1. Amen on Jarvis. Other notable releases this week: Blank Dogs and The Field. Great stuff.