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Saturday, 4 October 2008

What do you reckon(er)?

Those delightful chaps over at Radiohead have decided to release the rather wonderful 'Reckoner' as the third single from their really quite splendid In Rainbows album. As with 'Nude', fans can download individual stems of the song to remix until their hearts content, creating unlistenable dirges or moments of beauty. To continue the DIY ethos (some would say sheer laziness), the band have picked an animated fan-made effort (by Clement Picon) for the official video and here it is...


'Reckoner' is Musick's favourite song from the album and it looks like it might be Gnarls Barkley's favourite too, here they are giving it a bash at a recent gig:

Musically it's spot on. Vocally, er, well, it's a good effort. No doubt he gave 110% (we've all been watching a little too much X Factor).

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