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Monday, 13 October 2008

Bossy Boots

You know what, Chico was wrong. It's not 'Chico Time', it's 'electro o'clock' is what it is*, and here comes another purveyor of all things electric, Little Boots.

Miss Boots is currently unsigned but has been causing the kind of buzz in the music press that usually leads to a couple of good singles, a rushed album and a footnote come the end of 2009. However, things seem different in this case, mainly because the songs on her myspace are really quite something. She's just posted a brand new track, 'Mathematics', and will be posting new songs every week for the forseebale future. Also available for your ears is 'Meddle', co-produced with one of Hot Chip, a song that sounds like Aaliyah-era Timbaland mating ferociously with Kylie. Yep, it's that good.

Click here for enlightenment.

Little Boots also has a brilliant youtube page that includes about ten cover versions. The best of the lot is this cover of Hot Chip's 'Ready For The Floor'.

Give it a minute to get going. Really amazing. That instrument/light show is called a Tenori-on and is quite literally the greatest thing ever made. They retail at £600 so if you want to donate money so I can buy one that would be greatly appreciated. Hey, I provide a service here and I expect to get paid fool*.

* This blog entry was brought to you by someone who has watched far too much of The Wire.

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