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Thursday, 9 October 2008

Robyn of Loxley

Robyn is a proper pop star. For one, she's short. For two, she's not exactly beautiful but she's interesting to look at, the kind of person who would stand out in a crowd. Thricely, she makes amazing pop songs, and new single 'Cobrastyle' is no exception. It may be a cover, but it's a cover of a song by a band called the Teddybears, who produced this version, so really it's less of a cover and more of a realisation by the Teddybears that their version was never going to make it big so they got Robyn to sing on it.

'Cobrastyle' is about the gazillionth single to be taken from her eponymous album that was originally released in her native Sweden back in 2005! She's made a new video for it, which you can gaze upon below. It's not exactly original in concept, but neon paint landing on a white surface (usually in slow motion) is still rather interesting to look at. Why is that? Oh, if only I could remember my degree-level Media Studies course...

But it's not all about releasing old songs to flog a (brilliant) old album. Robyn also appears on two tracks on the new Christian Falk album. 'C.C.C' is all '80s cheap beats and ascending synths whilst 'Dream On' is hands in the air rave-tastic. Bravo Robyn (and Christian, but to be honest we're not so sure who you are yet, so it's mainly Robyn).


'Dream On'

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