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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

The curse of Christmas

Christmas comes but once a year, bringing with it food aplenty, laughs around the table, nostalgia, television events and as much merriment as you can possibly stand. Luckily, in order to prevent Christmas from becoming too enjoyable, literally hundreds of bands will be releasing Greatest Hits packages that no-one needs in the hope of resurrecting their careers and capitalising on the weak and vulnerable.

Not sure what to get your older brother this year? Or perhaps you do a Secret Santa at work and you've landed Norm from IT? Why not try the new Stereophonics collection, Decade In The Sun? That way you get to listen to Kelly Jones rattle his way through such standards as 'Mr Writer' or 'Just Looking' whilst enjoying another plate of cold meats. Like all good bands (and by good we mean shit) the Stereophonics have realised that the lure of such classics may not be enough to entice the casual fan so they've thrown in a new song, entitled 'You're My Star' (hey, like the star in the sky that lead the three wise men to baby Jesus, right?). The real joy is hearing how much time they've spent on it, and that it no way sounds half-arsed or dashed off at the last minute.

Remember; a dog is for life, a Stereophonics best of collection is just for Christmas.

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