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Monday, 20 October 2008

Off the wall

The bestest thing about birthdays are the presents. I celebrated the passing of another year just a few days ago (I'm guessing your birthday messages were lost in cyberspace somewhere?), and received the rather wonderful 'O' by Tilly & The Wall as a way of dampening the existential fear as I slowly creep closer to death... Anywho, the album is their best yet, with twelve good songs rather than the normal ratio of two great songs, four good songs and five bad ones.

If you listen to Radio 1 (God help you child) then you may have heard this:

* This isn't the official video, but it is twenty three times better then the day-glo original.

My personal favourite from the album is a track called 'Pot Kettle Black', and luckily there's a video so I get to share it with you guys.

WARNING: This video contains lycra, choreography, swearing and small-town American trash.

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