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Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Brand new band alert!

Wow, there's this really hot new band, right, and they're, like, oh my God, like, totally awesome and the singer's like a total hottie and their sound is really new and totally fresh and current. They, like, couldn't be more relevant if they tried and they really care about their fans because they're so, like, what's the word, like, prolific and shit. They'd never dream of taking one of their own fans to court for, like, daring to share some of their like totally awesome new music. The song is 'Chinese Democracy' and the band are Guns N' Roses or some shit.

People have genuinely been waiting about 17 years for this song. In that time there have been wars, terrorist attacks, Britney Spears, Harry Potter, two recessions, George W. Bush, Big Brother, Jordan, the fall of capitalism, etc, etc. The album of the same name reportedly cost over $13 million to make, which is actually pretty offensive.

This song may have a political message. If so, it's probably got something to do with Bill Clinton's re-election seeing as that was going on around the time it was written BACK IN THE MID-NINETIES!

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