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Monday, 13 October 2008

Nature Is Ancient

Whilst avoiding sleep, Musick stumbled upon what looks like a finished version of the new Bjork track, 'Nattura'. We mentioned it here. Not sure where it came from or how it got online (or, more importantly, how long it will stay there), but here it is.

It's a lot more industrial sounding then anything she's done before. Like Tool or Nine Inch Nails if they were genuinely angry. On Volta she worked with two drummers- Lightening Bolt's Brian Chippendale and Chris Corsano- but their contributions were mixed with a handful of other instrumentation, whilst here it's mainly drums and the faint wail of a certain Mr Thom Yorke (especially at the 0.40 mark).

Lyrically...well...er...it's all in Icelandic so God only knows. I really like it.

It sounds like the end of the world.

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