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Saturday, 26 July 2008

Ban this filth...future Daily Mail headline.


As previously reported right here on everyone's third favourite blog, Gnarls Barkley pushed back the release of their brilliant 'Who's Going To Save My Soul', in favour of the more upbeat 'Going On'. The latter subsequently became their lowest selling single to date and so far sophomore album The Odd Couple hasn't sold nearly as well as anticipated. So, the record company have reverted back to plan A and gone for this maudlin masterpiece, a song so perfectly poised that each syllable sounds more heartbreaking then the last. But we live in a visual world my friends, so image is of course more then important. So, they've only gone and made one of the best music videos I've seen in a very long time...

SECOND WARNING: Don't watch this video if you read The Daily Mail as it does involve scenes of a stabbing nature. Actually, don't read this blog if you read The Daily Mail.

Er, slight problem with the video. It stopped working, leaving a giant blank space right here where these words are. So, just click here and fly off to youtube yourselves you lazy buggers

Where to start? Most videos have about three memorable shots and one or two moments that make you feel any emotion other then "ohhh, I quite like this" or "this makes me want to hurt myself", but with this you get sadness, shock, laughter, drama and the unsettling feeling that can only come from watching a heart singing into a piece of broccoli. When the little heart stabs himself and falls back on the plate, I damned near shed a tear for the loss of this relationship, and I don't even know these people! The power of a great music video is a power like no other dear readers. Most importantly, it complements the song perfectly, which is kind of the point.

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