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Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Mariah Vs. the dolphins

Mariah Carey loves animals. Back in the early noughties, before all that horrible war stuff and prior to her mini breakdown, Mariah would request a basket full of puppies to snuggle up to in interviews so that she could appear motherly and a friend to all things cute and cuddly. It's rumoured (i.e. made up) that one puppy decided to show his feelings towards Mariah by biting her so she had him made into a clutch purse. Since this fateful (and completely fictional) incident, Mariah has been seeking a new animal group to fall in love with, and thankfully she's found one in the nick of time. Watch the video for her new single, 'I'll Be Lovin' You Long Time', to find out which lucky mammal struck musical gold (the clue's in the blog title).

Lucky old Flipper, eh? It's thought the two of them were able to communicate perfectly through their mutual ability to reach ear-piercing notes that would deafen any other animal. I just hope the dolphin behaved himself, otherwise expect to see Mariah sporting some rather fetching grey boots in the near future.

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