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Monday, 14 July 2008

Laser Quest

As we all know by now, Radiohead's last album, the magnificent In Rainbows, was delivered to fans via carrier pigeon, each one carrying a micro-chip in their beaks. Once the birds had entered your house he (or she) then inserted the micro-chip into your brain as you slept, allowing you access to the album. This revolutionary technique has since been used by bands like Coldplay, The Charlatans and Nine Inch Nails, each with varying degrees of success (it's thought the Coldplay birds all committed suicide upon finding out their mission).

To continue their experimentation with all things technical the band have decided to side-step conventional music video making, i.e. using cameras and lights and all that boring stuff, and instead they've created a pretty astounding visual accompaniment to album track, 'House Of Cards'. Without wanting to get too Tomorrow's World on your asses, it uses a 3D plotting technique that maps the shapes and relative distances of objects and creates an otherworldly effect that looks not unlike grains of sand being blown about. There are lasers involved at some point too. Here it is:

Is it better then their video for 'Pop Is Dead' though?

Yes. Yes it is.

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