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Monday, 28 July 2008

Cover uncovered

OK, let's get a few minor details out the way first shall we? Yes, Solange is Beyonce's little sister. And yes Solange is her actual name. Here she is on the front of her second solo album, the clumsily titled Sol-angel and the Hadley Street Dreams (there's also a 'Presents' at the beginning but it all seems so superfluous). Now, we all know that Beyonce's a pretty huge megastar who probably bathes in champagne and eats gold so we assumed that this wealth had been shared equally between the Knowles family. Yet, here we see poor Solange clearly surrounded by the paraphernalia of a good jumble sale; a few record players, a dusty couch, some old records and a pair of novelty party wings. Things don't look good for our little Sol-angel. To make matters worse, she doesn't seem to have fully grasped the magnitude of her very own 'credit crunch' (very topical I know), what with her expensive looking dress and that whopping great ring on her finger. But these are just the final delusions of a wilted mind, the hangover of a life steeped in riches. Somewhere, atop a hill, sits a tower in which Beyonce is cackling manically while poor little Solange sifts through the dregs at the local bring 'n buy sale. "What price my battered old records" she sings, badly.

To listen to Solange's weary tales of life on the edge, click here

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