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Wednesday, 2 July 2008

She's In Fashion

They say that every generation has a fashion icon, a muse that shapes and alters the way people dress, their style, their very happiness. In the '60s there was Twiggy and The Beatles, in the '70s it was David Bowie and the '80s was all about Madonna. The '90s was a bit of a blip and should probably be forgotten about, but since 2000 a brand new style icon (or icons) has emerged, ladies and gentlemen, I give you Slipknot. You thought it was just about the ear-bleeding music and the inhaling of dead animals, but oh no, a huge part of their success has come down to the fact that they've always been so on-point with the latest trends, sporting the current looks like they're going out of fashion. So, with a new album out soon (hey, who cares about the music when the clothes are this hot?), they've unleashed their new collection of masks on an unsuspecting fashion world, ready to take Paris by storm. Stock up on your bird carcasses people, Slipknot are in town.

We asked our resident fashion expert, Matilda Von Westerfield Van Donnersmark, to talk us through some pieces from their new collection:

"Oh my god, Jesus is like so in right now, I mean every collection simply has to feature some emblem of martyrdom, some image of complete struggle against all the odds. Plus, the pale skin tone is so 2009, it's like Amy Winehouse meets Wednesday Adams in hell or something".

"It's weird because I honestly thought that the Michael Myers Halloween look would be big in 2007, but I was like totally wrong, because Slipknot have used it so well here. Again, the light skin tone goes well with the black boiler suit, and the gaunt expression is kind of a fashion staple, so it's really a homage to the past, but it's also like totally forward looking at the same time".

And finally...

"How right now is that? It's so present you know? Some people are calling it Abu Grade chic, but I like to think of it as S&M goes to the circus, kind of painful yet playful. These guys know what they want and they're not afraid to go out and get it. I mean Kate Moss will be wearing this all winter, I swear on a stack of Vogues".

Thanks Matilda. Proof, if proof were needed, that Slipknot truly are all about the threads.

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