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Monday, 12 May 2008

Look what's 'Going On'

Gnarls Barkley have scrapped the release of mooted second single 'Who's Gonna Save My Soul', in favour of 'Going On'. Someone at their record company obviously felt the former was slightly too depressing for these sunny times, and though the latter is still fairly depressing in terms of the lyrical content (musing on death seems to be Cee-Lo's raison d'etre), it does at least wear a wonky smile. Musically speaking.

The video is nice. For one thing they've got rid of all those flashing lights from the 'Run' video, the ones that were causing epileptic fits, but they haven't forgotten the dancing. I love a bit of choreography I do. Also, the magic door at the end, how good would that be? A quick exit has never been simpler or more effective. Be quite nice to be able to come back though wouldn't it? Still, it is only a video I suppose.

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