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Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Retro Hip-Hop alert!

You know when you were at secondary school you'd always find there'd be different social groups that seemed to somehow orbit on slightly different planets. From the geeks to the jocks (if you're American), from the squares to the freaks, there was always a place for everyone, even if that place wasn't always the best place to be. Obviously, when I was at school I was part of an elite group of people known simply as The Cool Kids. You're not surprised you say? Well, good. Anyways, it seems that a rap duo from Illinois have gone and stolen our moniker, their titular coolness cemented by the fact that they've just signed a record deal in the UK with XL and are supporting redeemed enfant terrible Jay-Z at Wireless this week. Here's a little taste:

It's nice to hear something a little starker after years of intricate Timbaland/Neptunes productions, and though the beats may appear simple and more 'old skool' at first, there's definitely enough there to keep you listening. Also, the effect on the chorus makes me smile, plus there's the fact they they seem to say 'willies' a lot.

You can hear more here.

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