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Sunday, 20 July 2008

Where are they now?

Pop stars come and pop stars go. Like pets. Or diarrhea. But sometimes, you stop and think to yourself, whatever happened to...? For the sake of this article, we're asking, whatever happened to Haddaway? Or, as his parents knew him, Alexander Nestor Haddaway.

Haddaway was born way back in 1965 in Trinidad, before the advent of cheesy Europop, and yet somehow he knew it was his destiny. "I knew it was my destiny" he's been quoted as saying. In 1989, he arrived in Germany where he made money as a choreographer and carpet salesman. The two were thought to be mutually exclusive. In 1992 he was signed by a record label who literally had no idea that he would go on to sell a whopping 28 million (!) records worldwide. His biggest hit came in 1993 and was called 'What Is Love?'. Here's the video:

A nineties pop classic I'm sure you'll agree. The single reached the number 1 spot in most European countries and was followed up by a handful of other singles that all sold a bit less each time. I would give you titles but it would be meaningless. Haddaway then made the foolish decision of moving away from his Europop roots and branched out into soul. Very silly. But in 2004 he made a comeback on the German version of reality show I Used To Be A Success Back In The Late Eighties/Early Nineties But It's All Gone A Bit Wrong Since Then. He subsequently appeared on the UK and US versions of the show too. But, the greatest bit of all is yet to come my friends. This November the greatest concert EVER will be taking place in Riga, Latvia. The line-up is as follows: Haddaway, alongside Ace of Base, 2 Unlimited, Dr Alban and Culture Beat. Between them they have about a trillion number 1 singles and are single handedly responsible for Basshunter. Ladies and gentlemen, I have found my musical Nirvana. Are you with me?


  1. Woah, someone bought me the tape of that Culture Beat song for my birthday and I got really upset for some reason. Please can you find out what happened to Kavannah if that's how you spell it?

  2. Oh yeah, I remember him. I can fully understand the Culture Beat sadness, it must have been quite distressing. Do you remember Sean Maguire's attempt at pop? No, me neither, m

  3. For those asking about Kavanagh, watch the big reunion on itv2

  4. Come to USA, I cant afford finland

  5. Come to USA, I cant afford finland