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Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Annie old iron

Cast your minds back if you will to the summer of 2008. The sun was (probably not) shining, the bees were dancing upon a flower and the birds were flapping about as per usual. Musically, Norwegian starlet Annie was preparing to release her brand new single 'I Know Ur Girlfriend Hates Me', which would, in turn, herald a new album entitled Don't Stop. So excited were we that we did this.

Well, the album was hastily scrapped, Annie was dropped and it all ended rather horribly. We shed a tear or two and raised a Norwegian flag high above the office in memory of a once great pop star...but fear not, for Don't Stop has been resurrected and will now be released in October (a full year after it was pulled). To make matters that much better, Annie has decided to put new single 'Songs Remind Me Of You' on iTunes.

Here it is:

Here's a new photo of Annie:

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