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Sunday, 16 August 2009

New Musick Monday

It's BACK BACK BACK! Plus, it's early. You can't get much better then that, right?

So, seeing as there wasn't a New Musick Monday last week, let's talk about what you guys have been up to? ...wow, sounds good...aha, yep, like it...really? With the guy from work?...Serious? Lord...We figured he probably was.


XX by The XX

Yep, them again. But it's worth all the hype and broadsheet column inches, believe us! Taking in everything from Timbaland-esque beats to spidery guitar lines somewhere between The Cure and Chris Isaak's 'Wicked Game' this is a debut that reeks of understated genius. There have been some pretty special debut albums in 2009 so far but this one might just take the biscuit (that's not a metaphor, we will be giving away some biscuits in our inaugural '2009 Musick Awards').


Temporary Pleasure by Simian Mobile Disco

This has been unfairly maligned in a lot of reviews we think. Perhaps James Ford - who makes up one half of SMD - has become too famous for his production credits (Florence, Arctic Monkeys, etc) and so people's anticipation for this album has sky-rocketed? Temporary Pleasure is a vast improvement on their patchy debut and features a stellar list of guests...and Beth Ditto*

* We went off Ditto after seeing the Gossip at a festival and despite possessing a voice that could slice through granite, we can't shake the feeling she's the physical manifestation of the Emperor's new clothes.


Watch Me Fall by Jay Reatard

Three albums you say? Isn't there a credit crunch on? We're making up for lost time. This is the first album proper Reatard has released on Matador and it's been described by its creator as "wimpy". What this means in real life is that the pace drops occasionally below 'really fucking fast' and that there are some instruments on it that aren't guitars or drums. Luckily, it's got some pretty amazing songs on it, including the new single 'It Ain't Gonna Save Me'.

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