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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Pink Pound

When you wake up in the morning, do you:

a). Sit bolt up right, stretch, yawn and thank God you've woken to a brand new morning
b). Crawl out of bed slowly, scratch your arse and try desperately to be late for work
c). You don't go to sleep because sleeping is for wimps and people who don't go to art school. Instead, you push the supermodel away from your crotch, snort a line off her midriff and sign a record deal.

We're guessing The Big Pink are more of a c). kind of band, but we could be wrong. Having spent the best part of 2009 working on their forthcoming debut album, the band are set to release a new single, entitled 'Dominos'. Co-produced by Paul Epworth, it's a chugging, beat-driven slice of sleaze with a chorus the size of Columbia. Amusingly, one of the comments on youtube was just one word long - "SKINS". A bit harsh perhaps, but funny nonetheless.

The b-side, 'She's No Sense', features the not inconsiderable voice of Florence Welch from Florence & The Machine. Nice.

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