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Friday, 14 August 2009

Blank canvas

Who doesn't love it when music journalists describe a new act by saying x = a + b / c and then follow it with "in a blender"? Lord knows we do. So, this is Amanda Blank, who sounds like M.I.A + Santigold / Gwen Stefani "on acid". There you are, that's no reductive in anyway is it?

Amanda Blank is friends with all the cool producers who hang out in the all the coolest clubs and probably smoked behind the bike sheds at school. Blank's debut album, I Love You, features production by Diplo, Switch and XXXchange and despite this amazingly dreadful review is properly bangin' in a mindless, fun kind of way.

Here's the pretty terrible video for new single, 'Might Like You Better', which features the line "show you what I got in my sweater baby". Some oranges? A rolled up copy of Newsweek? A tiny bunny rabbit?

Altogether now: "Might like you better if we slept together"

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