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Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Michael Burke

It's all gone a bit X Factor 2008 crazy round these parts, so apologies in advance if you find the whole talent-show-pop-star-making-machine thing a bit tiresome. It did give us Leon Jackson, let's not forget that...

Last year's winner Alexandra Burke has been in the good old US of A for the past few months working on her debut album, to be released in late October. She's worked with just about every pop producer you can think of on the album and will no doubt perform on the X Factor live shows around the time her first single is about to 'drop'.

But what is the first single we hear you cry ('mutter')? It's called 'Bad Boys' and features rent-a-rapper Flo'Rida and is right here:

EDIT: This video's been taken down so click here instead.

It's not a ballad, let's put it that way. It's got sirens on it, some piano bits and a chorus you could easily label 'eurovision' (i.e. it seems to come from a different song and is annoyingly catchy after 30 seconds). It will no doubt be a pretty big hit all things considered.

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