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Tuesday, 4 November 2008

The youth of today...

We've written about Emmy The Great before, but we're incredibly lazy and sometimes it's just easier to stick to what you know, OK? Plus, she has a new single out called 'We Almost Had a Baby', and it's got a baby in the video wearing a really nice knitted hat. It's always nice to see that I think. So here it is:

The song's about how someone nearly made the decision to have a child with someone who, judging by the video at least, isn't really ready for it. It's about feckless men essentially, so in that sense it's not too dissimilar to the work of Beyonce. That's right, Emmy The Great and Beyonce are pretty much singing from the same hymn sheet here, just with wildly different video budgets and one song (i.e. this one) is lovely whilst one is manipulative yet strangely affecting in a I've-eaten-lots-of-chocolate-and-had-some-wine-and-now-my-boyfriend's-dumped-me kind of way.

Emmy The Great (probably not her real name, so I could perhaps drop the latter bit) has a small cameo in the video where she pretends to be a lesbian, which Beyonce has probably done many times before. Not least when Jay-Z wants some jigga love or something.

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  1. Awww first of all love the song, secondly that baby has the best hat ever!