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Sunday, 10 August 2008

That's not my name

I'm all for audience participation, especially when it comes with a recommendation and especially when said recommendation is really rather good. So thank you to 'anonymous' (probably not their real name) for drawing my attention to a song by a singer called Emmy The Great. For those that don't know, Emmy The Great (or Emma-Lee Moss as she's known to friends and family) is a London-based singer songwriter who has released a number of singles but has so far remained impervious to releasing an album. This year she appeared on Lightspeed Champion's debut album, Falling Off the Lavender Bridge and is touring with Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly...but don't hold that against her, a job's a job alright!

The song below is a touching little ditty about love and shit, but also about that eternal question; is it Mia or M.I.A? I think it's the latter.

Nice use of fuzzy felts.

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