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Tuesday, 4 November 2008

I read Music Week!

When reading said music magazine I like to ignore the bits about falling album sales and the demise of the CD single and instead just look at the bit where they recommend new artists or songs. I must also confess to not actually buying this magazine as it costs about £5 but instead just nabbing the one at work (apologies Owen).

Anywho, someone who caught my eye goes by the name of Janelle Monae! I know, I know, that '!' looks ridiculous and is all a bit too "look at me, look at me, everything's exaggerated", but we'll let her off. Actually, the exclamation mark isn't the only extracurricular annoyance, she's also made not a video, but a short film, for her new single 'Many Moons'. Ever since Michael Jackson started spunking all his money on 'long videos', serious artists have always wanted to emulate him, with varying results ('Honey' by Mariah Carey, anyone?)

Many have pointed out the similarities to Andre 3000, not in terms of genitalia naturally, but in terms of the fashion and the jerky dancing. The connection isn't entirely without merit, Monae appeared on Outkast's last album, Idlewild. Still, who is original nowadays? Plus, we can't help but notice a slight whiff of VV Brown, but that may well be a coincidence.

Here's another track, 'Sincerely Jane', complete with some pretty amazing horn blasts.

Listen to some more here.


  1. VV brown??/ are you kidding me??? Janelle monae has been out for YEARS!

    VV wish she could sing, dance, and look like Janelle MOnae.

    Andre and Janell are cool too, btw.

    Thanks for posting on my girl! She also is open about her influences too, of course OutKast, James Brown (she did do his moves too, why no comment on that?), Michael Jackson ( she moonwalked, no comment still?), etc.

    Pay attention to details.

  2. Thank you for your comments. I said the VV Brown link was more then likely a coincidence seeing as she's just come out, but either way the similarities in their sound and image are undeniable.

    There are elements of a lot of people in her sound and moves, but it's a bit dull to go on about them in huge detail, it's best just to enjoy the music and spread the word. The second song, especially, is very good, m

  3. I heard that VV brown flew out and was offered adeal by diddy and she turned it down to go with island records. You americans are funny. VV brown has been out for years too... and I think she is way more attractive.... plus Janelle is much more urban and VV has more punk brit influences.

  4. Why people always trying to put artists against each other. Didnt Billie holliday and Ella fitzgerald exist in the same world..... please. They are so different. OK there both black and doing alternative music..... and have u heard VV's whole album.. ? Brits rule. True authentic innovation.