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Monday, 24 November 2008

A bit of a break...

from all those pesky lists.

Interesting pop fact here, my Mum's dog is called Hudson, right, and this here band are called Mr Hudson & The Library...coincidence? Yes, probably. Anyways, confession time, when I first saw a picture of this band I thought "do I not like that".


They look like they've all been given some Burtons vouchers for Xmas and decided to buy almost identical clothes (minus points for wearing a sleeveless cardigan you on the right). Unless you're in JLS, you can't get away with this sort of thing. No, wait, EVEN if you're in JLS you can't get away with this sort of thing.

But anyway, I digress, Mr Hudson & The Library are about to release a brand new single, 'There Will Be Tears', produced by none other than current auto-tune addict Kanye West. And guess what? It's got auto-tune all over it! Now, I'm not knocking Mr West's production skills but once he gets hold of a good idea (or bad idea for that matter) he likes to run with it until the only place left to go is a musical cul-de-sac. Luckily, 'There Will Be Tears' works rather well. Mr Hudson (who also appears on the brilliant 808s & Heartbreak album) and friends have created a delicate, lovelorn ditty complete with mournful piano, weird hissing sounds and some (just about) bearable cockney talk.


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