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Thursday, 20 November 2008

Musick's Top 20 Albums: 13

13. Girls Aloud
Out Of Control

I know, Girls Aloud! But they’re women! They don’t play any instruments! OK, so they don’t actually write too many of the songs and mainly it’s down to the genius of Brian Higgins and Xenomania, but hey, who cares? Are you honestly telling me you’d rather listen to Razorlight or Snow Patrol then this? Maybe you think the arty posturing of Crystal Castles is better then something you can actually hum? Damning with faint praise aside, Out Of Control contains one of the songs of the year in the shape of ‘Untouchable’, an electropop behemoth that wastes none of it’s near seven minute duration and includes a heart-stoppingly brilliant middle eight/bridge type thing. Other highlights include the Pet Shop Boys-penned ‘The Loving Kind’, the harmonica-driven ‘Love Is The Key’ and the bonkers ‘Live In The Country’. Perfect.

Key track: 'Untouchable'

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