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Thursday, 13 November 2008

Good video to song we posted the other week

Kanye West's new songs aren't so much leaking as hemorrhaging all over the internet. If you look hard enough you can probably hear his new album, 808s & Heartbreak, in its entirety, over a week before it's official release. I prefer not to listen to songs from an album I will probably buy (I mean, receive for free because I'm that important) on crappy speakers so I will wait, but if you are so inclined then I suggest youtube as a good place to start. Also, The Guardian have a blog about how he's the new Phil Collins or something.

An official video for second single 'Heartless' has appeared and it's very good. Directed by famed Hip Hop video director Hype Williams, it looks like a cartoon but is probably more sophisticated then that. Kanye was probably filmed doing all that stuff and then someone coloured it all in, taking great care to stay within the lines. Well done them.

Here it is:

Is it just me or was anyone else really surprised to see the cartoon version of Kanye smoking? It just looks odd.

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