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Sunday, 9 November 2008

All over your boink

Here at Musick we feel a bit sorry for Craig David. It's difficult to remember now just how big he once was, what with all that Bo' Selecta nonsense and the sneaking suspicion that he was being Americanified. As with Joss Stone, it seems that UK pop fans can immediately go off someone who appears to have lost their roots and started using lingo that sits uncomfortably with their Southampton upbringing (his second album was called Slicker Than Your Average for example).

David's record company would obviously like to remind people of those early hits, songs like 'Seven Days' and 'Rewind', songs that were hits on both sides of the Atlantic. As with Daniel Bedingfield - who also scored huge hits in America back in the day - Craig David suffered a second album slump that he never really recovered from (i.e. 'What's Your Flava?' was dog shit). If you need reminding of his hits (and the other songs), here's the track listing for the simply titled, Greatest Hits:

1. Fill Me In
2. 7 Days
3. Rise & Fall (featuring Sting)
4. Insomnia
5. What's Your Flava?
6. Walking Away
7. Where's Your Love (feat Tinchy Stryder)
8. You Don't Miss Your Water ('Til The Well Runs Dry)
9. Rendezvous
10. Spanish
11. All The Way
12. Just My Imagination
13. World Filled With Love
14. Don't Love You No More (I'm Sorry)
15. 6 of 1 Thing
16. Hidden Agenda
17. This Is The Girl
18. Rewind
19. Hot Stuff

Nineteen songs!!! Nineteen!!!?? Prizes for anyone who can hum '6 of 1 Thing' or 'Spanish'.

As with all hits packages there are some new songs on there. 'Insomnia' is the new single and it's actually pretty good. It would have been better if Ne-Yo hadn't made it already and called it 'Closer', which this song shares more then a passing similarity to.

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