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Thursday, 4 September 2008

VV Good

There are some rival blogs that rave about all these new singers and bands and yeah they get there before us, but you know what, that's because here at Musick we like to take our time, get things right before we go bleating about the latest hip, young thang. This means something to us, you know? Plus, we're lazy and sometimes youtube isn't working and you just want to check your facebook and then go to bed, right? But sometimes music is too good to ignore and although we're basing our opinion on ONE song, we're thinking VV Brown is going to be huge. This is her visage:

Here are some factoids:

- She's sung backing vocals and written songs for Sugababes and The Pussycat Dolls
- She used to go by the name Vanessa Brown
- She's signed to Island records and is creating a 'buzz' in music circles

Her debut single is called 'Crying Blood', which is actually a medical condition called Haemolacria. So many facts for you. The song is being termed 'doo-wop indie', which is nonsense. I prefer to call it 'catchy pop music with a bit of an edge in that it sounds like she's spent some time on the lyrics and melody and stuff'. Enjoy.

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