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Saturday, 27 September 2008

Hey Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah

It's Britney bitch. That's right, she's back and less bleary-eyed then last time. 'Womanizer' is the first single from Britney Spears' new album Circus which is out in December and is meant to signal her full-time return to the pop game following all those minor problems with the last album campaign. Her record company clearly felt that Blackout (her last album) was good enough to give her huge sales had she been fully fit so they've not messed with the formula too much. Robo-vocals? Check. Futuristic electro beats? Check. Meaningless lyrics about a man with a roving eye? Check.

It would have been nice to hear a comeback single giving a big FUCK YOU to all the people that follow her around all day or make judgements and then replace them with fake sadness when she gets admitted to a mental facility (bear in mind this happened less then 9 months ago). But, hey, this is American pop and it's proof if proof were needed that real life and the pop facade need not be strong bedfellows. Expect success, redemption, harassment, breakdown, success, redemption, harassment, breakdown, etc, etc.

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