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Sunday, 14 September 2008

Jump off a Cliff

Here at Musick we like to bring you the cutting edge of today's music scene. Bringing new and exciting music to the masses is what we're all about, it's what makes us stand out in the crowd. So, joy of joys, we've only gone and found what is quite possibly the best song you'll ever hear in your entire, pitiful lives. This artist (could you describe him any other way?) has been making music since 1908 and has had 45,989 top ten singles and has sold over thirteen albums. His place in the pantheon of greats was surely solidified with 1999s 'Millennium Prayer', a song so perfect it made the rest of music seem suddenly redundant. I'm talking about Cliff Richard, and his brilliant new single 'Thank You For A Lifetime'.

No, really, thank you Cliff.

Just look at that video! Damn that man must have been a hit with the ladies back in the day. Oh and that heartfelt "thank you" at the end gets me everytime, to think about everything he's given us over the years. And may this single finally put to rest the notion that Cliff Richard isn't relevant to music anymore, or that he only ever releases albums when it's Christmas and he knows people will be too unimaginative to think of something else to get Grandma. It's September and people like this song so much it crashed into the charts at number 3. Ironically it's one place below a song about kissing girls, a song originally written for Cliff I believe.

* As if you needed telling, the above DVD is one of the best things you'll ever see. Shorts from C&A in case you were wondering.

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