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Monday, 29 September 2008

I thought I told you...

Now then, we can do better then this surely? The other day I suggested in the nicest possible way that perhaps, dear readers, you could pop down your local CD emporium or download via which ever mp3 shop you use, the debut album by LadyHawke. I phrased it in a way that perhaps came across as merely a quiet word in your ear (hence the fact it only entered at no. 47), but let me reiterate in a manner more akin to an order; BUY THE LADYHAWKE ALBUM OR YOUR NEAREST AND DEAREST WILL PERISH IN AN UNEXPLAINED ACCIDENT (AND I'LL MAKE YOU WATCH HOLE IN THE WALL ON BBC1 UNTIL YOUR EYES BLEED) Ahem.

To make things easier I will once again display the album's cover so if you're feeling particularly lazy you could simply print it out, walk to the CD shop, stroll purposefully up to the counter and say "Excuse me kind sir, I know you left Uni a few years ago and this isn't what you thought you'd be doing at 24 and really you want to take your name badge off and jam it into my eye ball, but would you mind awfully finding this CD for me?" Then take the album home and listen to it on repeat and try telling me it's not amazing. Just try it.

Here's the cover:

Here's an example of the music:

Some have suggested that we can't make a difference, that there aren't enough of you reading this to change things. All I can say is, 5 people can't be wrong can they?

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