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Wednesday, 3 September 2008


Think CSS and you think fun, you think Brazil, you think colourful unitards. Well, you used to. Now you just think about how dull they've become, about how bad their new album Donkey is and about how Lovefoxx should go solo. Obviously their record company disagrees which is why they're releasing a new single entitled 'Move'. There's even a video too, which is a bit of a surprise. This is it:

It's obviously been chosen because it's one of the few songs on Donkey that doesn't bemoan the fact that the band are, like, really tired from all the touring and success and shit. Plus, it mentions the dancefloor so should get played in indie clubs. It's a shame it's all so polite, so polished. The USP of CSS (nice) was that they had a kind of DIY (oh yeah) aesthetic and their debut was rough around the edges. Still, the video's quite clever.

But wait, what's this? A Cut Copy remix that's everything the original isn't. Thanks goodness for that.

If you like the original and are thinking of buying the album then I'd wait a month or too. It's got '2 for £10' in HMV written all over it.

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