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Saturday, 23 August 2008

The war rages on...

It's always nice to encourage debate, especially when it's to do with music. Plus, that's kind of the whole point of writing a blog in the first place. So, I was pleasantly surprised to be told that there had been 20 (!) comments left underneath what seemed like a fairly harmless post about Will Young's new single. Now, 20 comments isn't really that many in the grand scheme of things, but here at Musick that's the comment-leaving equivalent of a gold medal (always there with something topical to anchor the point).

What was more surprising is that the post seemed to unearth some passionate vitriol amongst the Gareth Gates fans out there, who seem to have taken umbrage at my suggestion that Gates has been relatively unsuccessful of late. He has, of course, appeared on Dancing On Ice (the show and the tour), taken part in a celebrity golf tournament and moved from an apartment to a house. That's me well and truly told. There were also some strong comments directed at Will regarding his part in Gareth's musical downfall, as if Will has some stranglehold on the media or people's ability to hear.

Personally, I think this is what killed Gareth's singing career...

'Go Your Own Way' (ah, that title says it all doesn't it?) was Gareth's second album and contained no less then 19 songs. It reached number 11. Note to record companies; don't let your 'artist' release a double album. Ever. Especially if said singer is Gareth Gates whose main appeal at that time was to a very young demographic, not known for high attention spans.

This probably didn't help either...


Six years have passed since Will was crowned Pop Idol winner, perhaps it's now time to let this bloody battle die, along with the hopes of so many reality TV stars.


  1. How very wise - let it drop. Shame you are better at dishing out the advice than taking it yourself.

    And as far as I could tell, no-one blamed Will for Gareth's problems. It was the organised, relentless campaign by his fans that probably had a bigger impact on turning the media against him.

    Incidentally, in countries where no-one has heard of Will, Gareth has had plenty of success. Not that it has stopped Will's fans from trying to drag him down there either. When international DJs and newspapers publicly pull them up on sending nasty emails, you know you are not being paranoid.

    But feel free to continue to blog in hypocracy. You won't be the first, and I doubt you'll be the last.

  2. Here Here Jenna.

    Such a pity the DJ's and newspapers in this country didn't follow the example of those international ones.

  3. How do you email an international DJ? Or for that matter newspapers? I wouldn't have a clue!

  4. Stop telling yourself stories. Will had nothing to do with Gareth flopping, It was his own fans who let him down. It was you lot! You Bunch of loonies.

  5. I sometimes wish Gareth hadn't taken such a long break when he did, but I can understand why he felt he needed to back at the time. There was such a lot of pressure on him at such a young age.
    I hope eventually he will manage to turn things around again and get back to his music career. He is trying and has got such a huge likeability factor. It will be such a waste of a brilliant voice and talent if he doesn't.

  6. Was Gareth Gates a singer before he was a figure skater?

  7. Oh dear Rob, you're a one line pony!

  8. Hey dont knock my Gazza!! Hes a respecible artist now you know - better than that Will Young who is currently on his way to a fourth successful album cos my Gazza is going to be in a pantomome so there!! Stick that in your pipe Will Young..

  9. You're so right Anonymous. Our Gazza is a respectable artist now. He doesn't have to use influential people to help him on his way. What he does is work at the obstacles which have been in his way all his life. No doubt that's why he's taking on the role in Cinderella, to help him in any future involvement in the entertainment industry. What a great cast he's appearing with too. And at one of the most prestigious Theatre's for this kind of thing in the country. Not one of the provinces where that Will Young was shoved away to. Much more honour in having to work away like our Gazza rather than using the people you meet. Our Gazza will forever be more liked by the public than that Will Young, no matter how much he buys the DJ's and the Writers who give him his hits, don't you agree Anonymous. So stick that in your pipe Will Young.

  10. Anonymous I thought you might like to read this. Something that Will Young, will never achieve

    [quote]Over recent years the plight of people who stutter has been thrust into the media spotlight with high profile examples of people who stutter, such as Gareth Gates, not being afraid to stutter on live television. Gareth and other famous people who have been afflicted with this awful speech impediment have proven to be a massive inspiration to many people around the world and have led to a large number seeking a cure to their own stuttering problem. There are a number of stuttering courses available, some which are run by people who have managed to eradicate their own stutter and other’s which are coached by traditional speech therapists.

    Before people get too excited, and think that a magic pill has been developed to cure stuttering, let’s first make it clear that to overcome stuttering is no easy ride. Stuttering can destroy a persons self-confidence and can have a very deep physiological affect. Despite this, people who are willing to work very hard, practicing any techniques that they are taught, and who have a determination to achieve fluency, can attain their goal.[/quote]

  11. ^^^Must have done something wrong there, my name didn't print. And I forgot to add, one of those previous sufferers they are talking about there who run courses to help other people is our Gazza. Such a respectable and thoughtful young man is our Gazza.