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Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Advantage points

Right, you there, look me in the eye and tell me you haven't enjoyed at least one Sugababes single. Go on, just try it. From 'Overload' to 'Freak Like Me' to 'Push The Button' right up to last year's 'About You Now' they've had a run of great pop singles rivalled only by Girls Aloud (although they do suffer the same affliction in that their ballads are usually cack). So, only five months after their last single, Sugababes are back with a brand new track entitled 'Girls'. See if you can spot the sample...

Yep, that's right it samples a great chunk of that song off the Boots advert. Now, I realise that music and commercialism are more then just occasional bedfellows, in fact they're usually partaking in a pretty nasty group orgy, but this song will now forever be linked in my mind with a well-known chemists. Everytime I see that annoyingly jovial advert on TV I'll think "this is that song the Sugababes lifted wholesale and plonked in the middle of their new single". It's a shame because it's still a pretty good song, it just whiffs too strongly of cheap deodorant.

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