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Thursday, 28 August 2008


One of the many perks of writing such a hugely successful blog is all the free stuff that piles through my letter box. On one occasion the blonde one out of The Ting Tings sailed through my flap and landed on the mat. Behind her dropped an envelope containing two free tickets to see Fujiya & Miyagi and my heart sung out with..."who?" But seeing as I'm so eager to broaden my horizons I went along anyway and had a mighty good time. The stand-out track was called 'Knickerbocker', a song so hypnotic it might actually take over your brain and make you eat only ice cream until you sweat mint choc chip. The video is very useful as it visualises all the words, thus making it entertaining to thick people. Everybody; "vanilla, strawberry, Knickerbocker glory".

Next up is a song by The Walkmen called 'In The New Year'. A few years ago The Walkmen released a single ('The Rat') that was so impossibly perfect that no-one brought it. No-one dared sully it's perfection by actually listening to it or handing over money in exchange for ownership. Since that moment, The Walkmen have tried to make less and less interesting music in the hope that it would equal sales and it hasn't so they've gone back to what they know. Thank God for that. No, really, do it now.

Don't have nightmares.

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