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Sunday, 3 August 2008

Nickel back?

What's with all the musical side-projects going on at the moment? First we get Karen O's extra curricular efforts, then there's Conor Oberst moving away from Bright Eyes to become, er, Conor Oberst and now there's the Ugly One (TM) from The Strokes stepping out as Nickel Eye. The name seems to be a pun on his own name, Nikolai (Fraiture). Make of that what you will. The project also features plinky plonky piano player Regina Spektor and guitar hand for hire, Nick Zinner of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. You can listen to the results right here, and an album, The Time of the Assassins, is released 'soon' (the tease).

Perhaps, the more pertinent question is; what's happening with The Strokes fourth album? I mean, who's actually working on it? Julian's messing about with Santogold and Pharrell, Albert Hammond Jr has just released a second solo album and Fabrizio Moretti was on the Neon Neon album and has his own side-project called Little Joy (which may or may not be appropriate, let's wait and see). It's not known what Nick Valensi is up to, perhaps he's got an allotment or something.

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