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Tuesday, 19 August 2008


It's sometimes easy to forget that Will Young used to rub shoulders with luminaries such as Gareth Gates and the lady on the left (prizes for the person who can remember her name). Having managed to shed the Pop Idol tag in favour of an actual career, Will Young has become every Mum's favourite singer and has released three hugely successful albums. Well, Will is back with a new single, entitled 'Changes'. Fortunately, it's not a David Bowie cover, but rather a very grown-up, mid-paced, Radio 2-friendly hum along...wait, come back.

Very nice. Poor Will though. All he's trying to do is get some petrol and somehow he gets all the blame for the imminent fuel shortage and the credit crunch. Still, he seems to be having fun in the hay doesn't he?

I wonder what Gareth's up to now...


  1. What is Gareth up to? Having a lot of fun and a NORMAL happy family life with his gorgeous wife I expect. Something Will Young will never have. Bet he wishes he could though. For all his success he'll never have what Gareth has got. Know which I'd choose. Success without happiness is a very lonely life.

  2. I dare say that Will is very happy too. He has a very successful career which he loves, many, many friends, a loving family and, from I see, is exceedingly comfortable with his life.

    The other singer in the first picture is Zoe Birkett.

  3. Will Young never accepted the Pop Idol tag in the first place .He admitted not liking Pop music(wonder why he entered PI contest)
    re;I wonder what Gareth's up to now...
    Had a very busy year,
    DOI TV show ,DOI Tour.Leading roll in a Gala night in the West End
    celebrating the 25 yrs of writing partnership of Stiles and Drew where he made his very successsful stage debut.
    Celebrity Golfing Tournament in the Algarve organised by David Seamens in aid of Cystic Fibrosis re: Bobby Moores Charity.
    Married his beautiful long term girlfriend of 6 years in Belvoir Castle.Honeymooned in LA, San Francisco and Hawii.
    Is playing in a footie match organised by Robbie Williams in support of Childrens charity televised on Sky 7th Sept.
    Moved from his London appartment
    to large house.
    Will have to stop list getting too long Hope this gives some idea of some not all that Gareth has been upto so far this year.

  4. I'm sure Will has a few friends, who aren't friends because of his influential background. You can't however class those acquaintances who he manipulates and uses, as friends. When the success dries up (which is only a matter of time) they'll be gone like a rocket. Friends are people who are there for you when things aren't going too well, not people you suck up to, to get what you want, whilst you virtually ignore those who can't help you (ie his fans when it suits him, until he wants them to buy his CD's). All Will ever does is help himself and use people and situations, just the way he used PI until he got his foot in the door. He's one of the most self-centred people out there.

  5. Well I have never met Will Young so can't comment on him as a person, only as an artist and his type of music and style doesn't appeal to me.
    Gareth I have met on numerous occasions so can comment on and honestly say he is one of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure to meet.Allways the same very pleasant, genuine, obliging and friendly. Nothing is too much trouble even if time is short, he will never refuse a signing or quick pic with even a hug thrown in.
    As has been said previously Gareth has had a very busy year so far with I'm sure lots more to follow.
    Loved the wedding pics in OK of Gareth and his beautifull bride Suzanne.

  6. Get over it.... they both entered the competition to win a music career and regardless of who won they both got it!!

    What happened after that was up to them both and they have both chosen their own paths. Nice that Gareth has been on dancing on ice etc and playing football etc. Will chose to stick with the music:-) Their respective musical success speaks for itself.

    I wont get personal have some blogs have been as I dont know either Will or Gareth as a friend -but from what Ive read very recently Will is absolutely delightful with his fans and has gained much respect in the music industry and media.

    How can any of you say that he hasnt true friends? Will has the same friends he had pre PI.. and I best my last pound that if he got married then he wouldnt be inviting the Dancing On Ice contestants and selling his photos to OK mag..

  7. Could the Gareth fans please just get over it. It was 6 and a half years ago for goodness sake. If you want to have a pop at anyone then have a pop at the blogger who bought Gareth into it. Why get personal about Will, it does you or Gareth no favours whatsoever. Seriously, don't you think it's time this mythical rivalry stopped!

  8. It’s such a shame that Gareth fans aren’t as gracious as Gareth himself. He is still friends with Will, and went with his wife to watch Will’s set at V Festival. I’m sure he’d be sad that his fans were making vindictive personal posts about his friend.
    Anonymous (I’m proud to post my name) I really don’t know how you can say those horrid things about Will helping himself, using people and situations and being self centred, unless you know him personally VERY well. Rather than ignoring his fans, you obviously haven’t read about Will doing the local radio promo rounds and spending as much time with his fans as possible, having photos taken with them and being his usual charming self. I’m not a fan of Gareth’s music, that’s just not my taste but it wouldn’t even cross my mind to go and post vindictive things in support of Will, whose music I do like. Isn’t it possible to enjoy one singer without feeling it necessary to slag off another? When Gareth started out he was a boy, and has now grown into a man – can’t his fans grow up, too?

  9. All of you Gareth Gates fans are hilarious. Your bitterness is practically dripping off my computer screen.

    Grow up, stop posting vicious, immature comments, because frankly, you're just making yourselves look like idiots.

    I know you want to find as many negative things about Will's life as you can, so that you can be safe in the knowledge that Gareth has it better in some respects, even if he isn't having too much success right now. Unfortunately nothing you've said about Will seems to be true. Sorry :-)

  10. Celeb golfing? Dancing on Ice? Whats NORMAL about being a sell out?. it'll be Ready Steady Cook Next.
    Still at least he wont be damaging the Ozone with anymore of his screaching.

  11. Well done - slag off Gareth fans for responding to someone slagging him off. If you want to show your maturity, then why are you able to overlook the "hilarity" of the blogger? Not to mention the years of personal abuse Gareth has suffered at the hands of fans who claim the need ruin his reputation in order to protect Will.

    It's very easy to get high and mighty when you have a selective memory.

    Just remember, no matter what you think of Gareth, he's the one who has Will's phone number, not you.

    I've always thought Will looked unhappy with his lot, but I think that's more to do with being embarassed by his fans than anything else.

    And it's all very well slagging off Gareth because he invited people he worked and toured with for several months to his wedding, but I'm sure if Will is lucky enough to marry, he might invite a few of the friends he's made through work too. If Will is as happy in his work as you claim, perhaps he likes some of the people he works with?

    Sorry to spoil this spat by introducing logic!


  12. I didn't realize that only Will's fans were entitled to reply to this blog.
    Yes, both Will and Gareth had success immediately after Pop Idol, mainly Gareth, much to the horror of Will Young's fans, who couldn't believe that more people preferred to listen to him rather than Will's screeching.
    The comment about `what happened afterwards' however, is totally laughable. What happened afterwards, was that certain members of Will's fanclub and many influential people in the media and press who Will has tucked neatly in his pocket, managed successfully to blacken Gareth's name. Thereby the reason Gareth is doing what he's doing at the moment, to show those people who were so easily taken in by the propaganda and lies spread about him, who the real person is. And my isn't it proving successful. I don't think I've read one comment or article written by someone who has met him or spoken to him, now that he's able to have a conversation with them, say one bad word about him. Somewhat different to the `Diva' status Will is now accredited with by so many who meet him.
    Will may appear to have gained respect in some areas and again I suggest more through connections than actual talent, but he's also shown what a bad tempered and miserable person he is and many areas of the music industry have finally woken up to that fact.
    As for the comments about Gareth being embarrassed by his fans actions, I think that's more likely to apply to Will. Some of his fans are downright disgusting the way they treat other artists, especially male ones or anyone who appears to be doing a little better than Will. Those comments would be just laughable, if they weren't so ridiculous. At least Gareth's fans acknowledge that Gareth & Will are still friends, not like Will's who imply thats not the case, followed by the sarcastic emoticon, despite pretending otherwise in this blog. I wouldn't be too quick to write Gareth off musically just yet if I were you. You may end up with egg on your face.
    I suggest you get over it. Not everyone thinks the sun shines out of Will's rear end. Very much the opposite in fact.
    I suggest to you that the time to end this mythical rivalry was immediately after PI ended. Why did Will's fans find it necessary to continue with it then? Oh of course because it was unheard of that anyone other than Will should have any success as a result of PI. You were the ones who made the bed, so why shouldn't you lie in it too.

  13. Will is not embarassed by his fans-he treats them as he wishes to be treated with respect and affection. He made a lot of his fasnd very happy last week during his radio promo... sorry to burst your bubble but he was more than happy to have photos, sign and chat to them. In addition all of the DJs said what a delight he was to have on their show.

    Im confused how Wills fans could ruin Gareths reputation:-/ He did that himself when he bonked Jordan and lied to the world about it..

  14. Well Im impressed that Will and his fans have so much influence!! Wow!!

    Will can you do anything about Mika?

  15. If people wanted to listen to Gareths singing they would still be doing so. And if they didnt want to listen to Will they wouldnt.
    People make their own minds up about things like that.
    Its quite sad the way Gareth's fans have to invent reasons why his own fans failed to support him when he needed them the most.

  16. Kelly my sweet, you are one paranoid deluded lady.

  17. Sooo to summarise:-

    Gareth has shown that he is a thoroughly good egg and can skate a bit and Will has shown that hes a fantastic singer, writer and performer. Both fans are now happy with their lot so its a truce:-)

  18. Wonder if Simon Fuller realised the consequnces of the Will v Gareth hype? Scarey, if you ask me.

    Wonder what the lovely Zoe Birkett think of it all.

  19. Jon said...
    "Well done - slag off Gareth fans for responding to someone slagging him off. If you want to show your maturity, then why are you able to overlook the "hilarity" of the blogger? Not to mention the years of personal abuse Gareth has suffered at the hands of fans who claim the need ruin his reputation in order to protect Will."

    Unfortunately Jon, Gareth fans have chosen to respond to Gareth being slagged off, by slagging WILL off in return. And there has been a clear attept here to try to ruin Will's reputation in order to protect Gareth. So bearing that in mind I have very little sympathy with what you've posted.

    I personally think the whole think's ridiculous. It was, what? 6-7 years ago? Why do these nasty arguments still need to take place?

  20. Kelly you really need to be careful making such sweeping accusations. There can be re-percussians you know.

  21. The thinly veiled homophobia of the first post is out of order. Having said that you're all a bunch of sad losers.

  22. Will's friends are those he met at school and university - not hangers-on as one of the above posts implied. Of course he has met and befriended many more along the way - as we all hope to do.

  23. He's definitely befriended many along the way. Pity it only seems to be those who can help him with his credibility. Don't see him befriending many who can't, or even being civil to them either in fact. It seems Will's idea is there's no point being nice to anyone who can't be of assistance to him.

  24. I have met Will and he was charming and so friendly. He didn't have to be as I am nobody.

    What you said is verging on the defamatory and I think you should be careful.

  25. Was Will Young a singer before he became a Diva

  26. Will actually isn't a diva! He is lovely and very friendly, as I said before. He doesn't suffer fools gladly and is very open with his comments. He treasts others as he would like to be treated.

  27. We met Will on Wednesday and he was so lovely with my friends and I. He let us have photos which was very kind as he was in the middle of filming. Hes so funny too- had us in stitches.