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Thursday, 28 August 2008

Praise the Lord

Do you remember where you were the day Destiny's Child broke up? I know I do. I was busy preparing myself for the imminent domination of a certain Miss Beyonce Knowles; singer of songs, magician of movies, winner of wars (OK, the second one doesn't really work). When I first heard 'Crazy In Love' I thought all my hopes/fears had been realised in three beautiful minutes and for a few months Beyonce was indeed the Queen of just about everything humanly possible. Then, suddenly, antipathy set in and the music sagged and the albums spluttered and things got so bad that Kelly Rowland was allowed to release music and people were allowed to buy it. Beyonce even threw some scraps from her table, giving hints that a reunion may be on the cards. Oh holy goddess, how you tempt those beneath you, etc, etc.

Things must be pretty bad right now, because the third member of Destiny's Child (yes, there was a third member), Michelle Williams, has snuck out from the shadows with a brand new single. And it's not gospel. (For those that don't know, when the band first took a break it was decreed by them all- or just Beyonce- that Kelly Rowland would release R&B music, Williams gospel and Beyonce pop music. Mmm, who got the short straw there?). Anywho, she's back, and I hope for her sake that Beyonce hasn't heard this because 'We Break The Dawn' is a big, shiny R&B hit that makes a mockery of most of B'Day.

The album's called Unexpected. In your face Knowles.

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