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Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Doing a Radiohead

I had high hopes for Bloc Party after their debut album Silent Alarm, yet somehow they managed to balls it all up with the deeply depressing (not in the way they wanted) A Weekend In The City. Since then they've released 'Flux', a song not a million miles away from Cher circa 'Believe', and current single 'Mercury'. Both songs are musically quite interesting- lots of electronic blips and bleeps mixing with the guitars- but both suffer from some horrendous lyrics, a problem that hampered their second album. But, perhaps to disguise this fact, they've announced that their third album, Intimacy, will be released this Thursday via download and then 'properly' in October. Unlike Radiohead's attempt to destroy the record industry, fans will have to pay a set amount for the mp3s, five English pounds to be precise.

For those that can't wait two whole days, the band has released a taster of things to come with 'Trojan Horse'. It's got electronic blips and bleeps that mix with guitars and is hampered by some atrocious lyrics...business as usual then.

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