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Monday, 10 May 2010

Finders Keepers

Not only did we forget to write about this song a few weeks ago but we've also managed to leave it off the Friday Catch-up feature, which in turn, we forgot to actually do last week. Needless to say, we understand completely if you guys all bugger off elsewhere for your musical needs. Lord knows we would if we could.

Anyway, this is the third single from the increasingly interesting Rose Elinor Dougall. Some of you may remember her from The Pipettes, but most of you won't seeing as they existed mainly on the pages of magazines and in Japan. Dougall's ditched the faux-'60s girl group stylings of her former band (who are now a duo with no original members - like the Sugababes but with less tabloid fodder) and gone for a more stately, chamber pop sound. 'Find Me Out' is not single material in that it's slow, subtle and features words like "cerebral faculties" and "arteries". It's still rather lovely though...

Rose Elinor Dougall - Find Me Outbydancetotheradio

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