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Monday, 2 March 2009

Twit, Twit, Ta-whoo!

Yeah, so Musick has started to use twitter. For those not in the know (read: those people that have better things to do), Twitter is best described as mini-blogging or to use a Facebook term, it's similar to updating your status a lot. The good thing about it is that you can 'follow' (i.e. stalk) people and in return they follow you back. Well, that's the idea. At the moment we're following twice as many people as are following us.

BUT, we are doing this all for work reasons, honest. So far we have learnt that Little Boots is getting close to naming her debut album (I know, pretty big), that VV Brown is putting on weight and that Dan Black gets migraines a lot. Now you see how crucial this thing is.

The other day we got notified that Catherine A.D. was following us so decided to follow right back. She's since posted an update about recording sessions she's doing with none other than Bernard Butler, ex-Suede guitarist and producer for Black Kids, Cajun Dance Party and er, Duffy, amongst others.

The song is called 'The Waiting Game' and can be heard here, along with the recent single,'Carry Your Heart'.

This was quite a convoluted way of saying we quite like Twitter.

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